The Suir has acquired over the years the well deserved reputation to be best wild brown trout fishery in Ireland. What is less known is that this river still holds the Irish record for the biggest salmon caught with rod and line and  that still, every year, the largest Irish salmon are caught on the private beats of the Lower Suir.
The Suir is one of the very few rivers left in Europe where human interference   has been kept thankfully  to a minimum and where a conservative management  and numerous water protection schemes have allowed not only the resident brown trout and the migratory salmon to reproduce naturally but also to fast disappearing  species  like the otters and the European crayfish to prosper in the ever improving waters of this beautiful and majestic river.
SUIR VALLEY FISHERY has the privilege for the last 15 years to manage 15 km of the five best private beats on this river.  Favouring quality rather than  quantity, we cater only for a small number of customers every week. To provide our clients with a maximum of flexibility, we offer the choice of 4 different types of quality accommodation (B&B, Guest-House, Hotel and Self-Catering).
This Internet site has been carefully designed to provide you with a maximum of information susceptible to help you to prepare thoroughly your future fishing trip to Ireland. If you  need to receive further  information  or if you want to make a reservation, please contact me.
                                                      JL Trautner

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